RTR Podcast

Eine Dokumentation der eingereichten Beiträge für das Random Time Radio (RTR).

a documentation of the received pieces

Benjamin Federer – ‚Klang-Zeit-Klang‘

born 1980 in Lörrach (Germany); study of Audiodesign in Basel; „Klang-Zeit-Klang“ was first great project; did performance and programms music-software; www.intraversal.de

Monster Bobby  – ‚Batumi and not before‘ & ‚School bell Paris 13‘

born 1981 in Brighton (UK); was part of the Band „Pippetes“; did Master of Contemporary Music; thebombparty.blogspot.com or littleother.blogspot.com

Blanca Rego – ‚Jauha Eahsslleihlm‘ & ‚Your points, your lines, your curves and your surfaces‘

born 1974 in Ferrol (Spain); studied Film Direction; next to her work as a translator she creates Films and Audioarrangements; lives in Barcelona; www.null66913.net or www.mediateletipos.net/

Karl Heinz Jeron – ‚Fresh Music for Rotten Vegetables – The Concerts‘

born 1962 in Memmingen (Germany); got connected to audio-sphere about robots, which spoke and later even musicate; „Fresh Music for rotten vegetables“ is a product of three workshops in Austria and his latest music-project; lives in Berlin www.jeron.org

Alexander Baker – ‚Merz Montage‘ & ‚Uncaged‘

born „too long ago to wish to remember“ in North-(UK), grew up in the countryside of the South West – returned to North after living and working in Manchester and London for years. solublefisherman.wordpress.com

Pedro F. Berikat -‚Radioterrorismo‘

born 1955 in Zaragozza (Spain);  www.mutesound.org

Gabi Schaffner – ‚WaterWardens‘ & ‚Wash Your Bottom‘

born 1965 in Offenbach/Main (Germany); studied literature, photography and ethnology in Frankfurt/Main and Hamburg; renmaid.wordpress.com or www.schaffnerin.net

Shedding – ‚The bean‘

born 1979 in Oshkosh/Wisconsin (USA); lives in Louisville/Kentucky;  www.shedding.org

Lukas Rabe -‚Ein todsicheres Ding‘ & ‚Wintervirus‘

born 1983 in Freiburg/Breisgau (Germany); Musician and Soundartist; lives currently in Leipzig; http://Soundcloud.com/lukasrabe

IKL – ‚Die zehn Arten des Rauschens‘

born 1983 in Dresden (Germany); lives currently in Leipzig; www.ikl959.com

Panos Amelides – ‚Alexandros: a sonic portrait‘

born 1978 in (Greece); panoamelides.wordpress.com or vimeo.com/panosamelides

Claudia Wegener -‚Vucedol Song‘

born 1965 in Hamm (Germany), based in London since 1989; currently in South Africa. radiocontinentaldrift.wordpress.com or http://both-sides-of-the-zambezi.tumblr.com/

Daria Baiocchi -‚Ombre‘ & ‚Pianoinside‘

born 1978 near Rome (Italy); studied piano, classical composition and electronic music; http://soundcloud.com/dariapi/

Balam Ronan Simon Delgado -‚Materia en Expansion‘

born 1987 in Geneva (Switzerland); lives in Mexico; http://flavors.me/balamronan or https://soundcloud.com/balam-ronan

Douglas Lucas -‚Waving‘

born 1984 in Kentucky (USA); living and working in Louisville, Kentucky;  http://www.douglaslucas.tumblr.com/

Eddy Gabriel – ‚May7-2004‘

born 1962 in Hasselt (Belgium); used to play in the band „AA“

Liapod – ‚foxes-v-builders‘

born in South Wales (UK); worked as a musician for 10 years before settling in London

Magz Hall – ‚Numbers‘

born 1969 in Keynsham Somerset (UK); studied an MA in radio and helped to set up and run resonnance.fm in it’s first five years; www.radioarts.org.uk

Marie Tueje – ‚Immovable Transition‘

Sound designer based in London (UK) and Ghent (Belgium); http://marietueje.com

Valerie Sullivan Fuchs -‚Western | Western‘ & ‚a horizontal line makes a stable image‘

born in Kentucky (USA); studied Architecture and practiced for three years in Louisville/ Kentucky before attending the The School of the Art Institute of Chicago; http://valeriefuchs.com/

Sol Rezza -‚Spit‘

born 1982 in Buenos Aires (Argentina); sound artist / experimental musician based in Mexico; http://spit.radio-arte.com/